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Countertops and cabinets are part of what make an everyday home functional. Homeowners use storage and surfaces for a variety of daily tasks. Make sure that your home products are high quality by choosing cabinets and countertops from Carpet Mill in Moscow. We carry beautiful products from today’s top manufacturers at lower prices than other local retailers. You can also request any one of our home improvement services, from installation to design consultation. We cater to the modern customer by using a combination of convenient web access and customer service. You can request quotes and appointments by filling out our online forms. Once your form is filled, our experts will contact you at your home or office. It's that easy to get started! What else can Carpet Mill do for you? Read on to learn how we improve the home experience with our large collection of countertops and cabinets.
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The first place that homeowners often think of when they hear ‘cabinet’ is the kitchen. But the truth is, these great storage pieces can be used for so much more! Modern design can use cabinets for a number of other purposes around the home. Here are some new ways that our designers are using cabinetry in the home:

  • Organize children’s rooms and nurseries. Toys, diapers, formula… It can all make a mess when you have nowhere to store it! And when you have a baby in your arms, or a child at your ankles, it can be chaotic trying to find what you need. Having a handy cabinet nearby with everything you need organized is a great solution. You can even teach young children to clean up by labeling fun colored cabinets.
  • Display fancy china and other collectibles. Show your passion off by choosing cabinets with glass doors. Use bright colored dinner sets to bring a kitchen design together. Display collectables in an organized and safe way. You can easily change out what is inside your cabinets
  • Make bathrooms and bedrooms neater. Keep toiletries, makeup and medicine tucked away with ease. The right cabinet can make keeping busy areas like bathrooms and bedrooms neat. Store everything you need in a place where you can grab it at any time.


Surfaces go a long way, just like storage. Countertops are sold in a variety of materials. Each material is different has its own benefits. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect countertop for you:

  • Consider the function. A strong material like granite will be easy to care for after sealing because of it's durability. It can even stand up to knives in the kitchen. Ceramic is great for bathrooms because it is easy to sterilize. Hardwood looks classy but will not work well in wet areas, so it will work better for bedrooms or entertainment spaces.
  • Know your budget. Natural stone looks great but can come at luxury prices. Laminate is more affordable but will not last as long as other materials. Ask your showroom expert for the full range of price points to decide what section to begin shopping in.
  • Know your design. Our countertops, like our cabinets, are offered in hundreds of designs. Choose the colors, textures, and shapes that speak to you. Ask our design consultation experts for help if you aren’t sure how to find the perfect look for your home.
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